Straight Forward Construction Method

Building robots can only be real fun and train your imagination if you do not have to follow the step-by-step instruction manual. Now, this can be accomplished with the patented sliding method between its connectors and joints.

Flexibility . Unlimited Possibility

The world's first robotic servo in cubical shape with 5 slideable slots help eliminate the obstructions in robot building. It provides maximum freedom to users to do any combination they want by joining one part to another.

You Create Your Own Transformer

The easy to assemble and dismantle feature allows you to transform your robot in the blink of an eye. You do not even need to fasten a single screw in the entire construction process. The more robot you build with the same hardware, the more you get your money's worth.

TeachMode To Program Your Robot With Fingertips

rero comes with TeachMode that can be accessed through the touch panel. You can program a simple movement to your robot even without powering up your laptop. This is indeed very useful for first time user to have a quick look through the robot's movements.

rero Animator . Best Approach For Novice

We do not need a powerful programming language that requires hundred of syntaxes (programming rules) for beginners. They only need the simplest programming tool to enaable them to program their robots and at the same time facilitate their logical thinking. The custom designed ReRo Animator does this job perfectly.

Remote Control Via Your Smart Phone

Download the rero Remote App to your smart phone to control your robot wirelessly. You even can customize the rero Remote by assigning different set of motions to designated buttons. Robot fighting can be done among your friends with this feature.