First Appearance To The Public
by ET on 6th December 2013

Here come to the day where rero is doing its first debut at Summit USJ in conjunction with World Creative Robotics Challenge 2013 (WCRC).

During the event opening ceremony, 3 humanoid robots built by rero perfomaced a fantanstic 'robot dance' accompany by its little brother, rero Balacing. unstoppable screaming from the crowd make the performance even excited.

There is also a mini workshop for the kids to learn how to build robots with our rero. It is a wonderful moment where we see the kids really can build a robot by themselves without any step-by-step instruction manual. It's amazing!


We also prepared a small platform for kids to control the robots via smartphone. They really love the game so much!


This is the first time we put rero into the hands of public to let them 'examine' the rero throughly. We wanted to know the public first experience with rero espeically our targeted audince-- The Kids. And the outcome is pretty encouraging.